dinsdag 7 juni 2011

The Fat King - Wessel Stienstra

Onlangs mochten mijn leerlingen een strip maken op basis van de Franse Revolutie. Deze strip vond ik zo geweldig dat ik hem hier laat zien.

Nobody liked the FAT king! / He was so fat, that had to be carried by two horses at the same time / And the people hated him for that / 'Let's kill him for no reason or just because he is fat!' / They tried to kill him in many ways .. 'we need a stronger rope!' / and more ways .. 'Fire again' .. 'Sir, it's just not working!' / stupid ways .. 'Maybe there's candy coming out of him!' / Then they started to try the guillotine. The normal sized guillotine didn't fit, of course, so they had to get one from Africa .. 'We have guillotine rhino size. 25 Beads and it's yours' / Finally .. 'Blablabla, boring protocol stuff .. guilty, guilty, guilty. Just kill him!' / And the executioner released the rope... / THE (not so happy for Louis) END .. 'Is there now candy coming out?' (by: Wessel Stienstra) 

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